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Yes, the legendary Christian Dior is the grandfather of the brand Baby Dior (Dior Kids). However, did you know that Princess Grace of Monaco was its Godmother?

The DNA of today’s Baby Dior collection is the interpretation of the history of the House of Dior. Its continuing ethos is that grace, style and elegance has no age.

Christian Dior was one of the most important couturiers of the twentieth century. During the period of post WII Europe, Christian Dior’s designs helped re-establish Paris as the joyful fashion capital it had once been. In 1947, the House of Christian Dior became famed for inventing the New Look with cinched in waists and full flowing skirts. These same flowing skirts can be seen today in the girl’s fashion of Dior Kids.

Predating the development of other kids high-fashion lines, Baby Dior kids clothes is perhaps the best known line of designer luxury wear for children. Christian Dior is said to always have been attracted to the challenge of designing baby and children’s fashion. However, the formal birth of the Baby Dior luxury designer line and boutiques, in 1967, was initiated under the direction of another very important House of Dior creative designer, Marc Bohan.

Under her patronage, style icon Princess Grace of Monaco cut the white ribbon to open the boutique at 28, avenue Montaigne, Paris, offering for the first time superb Dior design especially for children. One of the first customers was Elizabeth Taylor, who brought a tiny overcoat for her daughter.

Lets flip forward to April 2012 and the appointment of the Belgian designer Raf Simons as the present creative designer for the women’s and children’s collections plus the overseer of its beautiful advertising look. Like many European designers, Simon was encouraged by Linda Loppa, head of the fashion department at the Antwerp Royal Academy. However, his strongest influence comes from Christian Dior himself.

For me the strongest impact is the first ten years of Dior and how to link that to the 21st century. – Raf Simons, Dior Creative Designer

Today, Baby Dior celebrates more than for forty years of expertise in the same workshops. Simons has retained Dior’s ethos of “a sophisticated wardrobe with Couture touches” for little girls and “fitted outfits influenced by menswear” for boys. Using Monsieur Dior’s personal archives, as an inspiration, the current collections combine “the romantic charm of childhood” and “the delicate opulence with a slightly cheeky look”, as described by Baby Dior’s own website.

Watch The Baby Dior & Kids Video

Do look at the beautiful video how the Granville of Monsieur Dior’s childhood is the inspiration for the Baby Dior Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

There is no question that Baby Dior and Dior Kids, for girls, boys and newborns aged 0-12, is most beautifully constructed with the same attention to style and detail as in their famed adult collection. The range of items is huge and includes even shoes, hats and other accessories. When it comes to formal wear for your children, Dior kids is the perfect selection for any special event. Yet, Dior Kids clothing has a color palette to attract children and is made with high quality fabric to endure play.

The Baby Dior clothes, the pinnacle of style and luxury, come in a range of jackets, jumpers and knitwear designed to keep little ones warm and comfortable. Baby Dior dubs items, such as their sweet 100% cotton Dior baby body suit with pink or blue snaps, the Dior baby bottle in blue or pink and even pacifier sets, with the Dior teddy bear logo.

Christian Dior was not only a premier couture designer but also a master merchandiser. Baby Dior boutiques, owned and planned by the House of Dior, are featured in nearly every leading destination location. Items of the collections are sold in almost high-end department store and privately owned boutiques. Baby Dior has its own online store and is sold from many other online sites.

From Christian Dior to Marc Bohan to Raf Simons, Baby Dior and Dior Kids create fashion for you to hand from generation to generation of your own children.

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