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Shampoodle Fun & Modern Kids Clothes / Interview

Shampoodle, fun and comfortable Scandinavian kids clothes, was founded by the witty and creative couple Jakob Wästberg and Helene Stevenberg. Building on Jakob’s experience as a photographer, advertiser & developer, and Helene’s experience as an art director & graphic designer, Shampoodle was actually started back in 2006 as a hobby. Jakob and Helene hoped to produce something that would have a positive impact on someone’s life.

Shampoodole’s tagline – “childishly comfortable clothes” – basically says it all. Most Shampoodle clothes are made of sweatshirt and jersey fabrics in contemporary designs or classics updated with the ‘Shampoodle twist’. Designed for the pleasures of an urban life style, be it party or play, a Shampoodle outfit works for both as they are known to withstand wear and tear.

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Most Shampoodle clothes are unisex including their tracksuit set, trousers and sweatshirts. Breathable eco-friendly organic cottons are used to assure that children are always comfortable in their collection.

One of my favorite parts of the Shampoodle collection is that several pieces are made to fit for a span of three years, thanks to their long ribbed cuffs that allow for folding over and unfolding when your child grows. How smart is that when it comes to kids clothing design?

“We could have been rock stars and written fabulous lyrics that stuck on to the minds of millions of fanatic fans or created the best espresso machine ever. But we where just returning home to Stockholm after working/living abroad. Had our first kid on the way. None of us could play any instrument but we wanted to create something new, different, together. Enter Shampoodle”

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