Aravore London Interview: Spring Summer 2014

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Aravore London’s designer Yanina Aubrey at the Playtime Paris trade show.

While interviewing Yanina she explained about her brand’s ethos of designing hand-crafted kids clothing with a personality, a bit of retro look and feel. Watch Yanina’s interview to learning more about Aravore and her “Summer in The City” and “A London Spring” collections.

Interview with Yanina Aubrey – Designer of Aravore London

Aravore’s being going for 8 years. We launched the brand at the end of 2005 and the whole ethos of the brand was to present something that was handcrafted. Where we could tell people about products that have a story to tell.

This is in the middle of an economic boom, where all of the brands were very much about bling and slogans, etc. And we came in with a completely different aesthetic which was slightly retro, slightly quirky. But what was really important to me was that the clothes would have personality.

I think the nice thing is that I see lots of new brands that have taken on a similar aesthetic, so I think we were a little bit ahead of the curve. And it’s nice to see that the trend has become something a bit longer-lasting.

aravore boys shirt spring summer 2014

What I’m showing you now is our “Summer in The City” collection that is part of our Spring Summer 2014. The colors are very vibrant. We have splashes of lime, green and yellow. Lots of crisp white and navy, and it’s slightly inspired by South America. It’s got a slightly tropical feel and that sort of retro vibe.

aravore boy sweater vest spring summer 2014

For the photoshoot we shot on location at Shoreditch, So I wanted to have that London City feel to it, but also to show that kids can be comfy, playful and look chic. The collection is quite playful. We have little bow ties that have been very popular. We have them in all of our collections now.

Here’s slightly more of the jungle green print. But again with more of a city take on it. So you’ll see tailored shirts and crazy Bermuda shorts, bow tie. So that’s our “Summer in The City” collection.

aravore boys spring summer 2014 outfit

We have another mini-collection which is called “A London Spring” and has a slightly different feel, more romantic for when the season begins. In a slightly different color palette.

aravore london baby clothes spring 2014

Again comfy clothing to play in but that you can also then go to a party and look good in.”

Thanks so much to Yanina Aubrey for the interview at Playtime Paris. Coming soon to Dashin Fashion TV – Aravore Fall Winter 2014 video interview.

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