Hucklebones London Interview Fall Winter 2014

At Playtime Paris I had a chance to interview one of my favorite kids’ fashion designer duos, Zoe India Goldsmith and Daniel Stockley, founders of Hucklebones London. Zoe and Dan together have created a gorgeous collection for girls ages 3 months to 10 years that’s clean, sophisticated and feminine.

For Fall Winter 2014 Hucklebones collection is inspired by Botanicals and how children look at nature by examining and experimenting.

Botanicals Theme for Fall Winter 2014

“For Hucklebones Fall Winter 2014 we were inspired by Botanicals. The concept is that every child is a Botanist, as they discover a new species be it a plant of a leaf when they’re walking to the park it’s new to them. They’re little Botanists examining and experimenting, and basically working out the world through what they see around them.

hucklebones london snowprint dress aw14

We decided to look at nature through the eyes of a child as a Botanist. So we thought of how flowers pop up through the snow in the Spring. We thought that was such a lovely concept. Our Snow Drop Print for Fall Winter captures the image of flowering pushing through the snow in the Spring.

This season we also have florals, bringing the Botanicals element as well. And this dress has a 60s vibe that we always have a little bit of in our collections.

hucklebones london buttercup jacquard almond dress fw14

We also have inspiration from any natural shapes, here we’ve included this in our Swarovski embellishment on the dress collar.

hucklebones london seafoam green dress fw14

Here we also play with the organic shapes, putting them into a more modern graphics.

hucklebone london blush navy dress fw14

So it’s about taking ideas and turning them into what’s fresh and modern that works for Hucklebones. This organic, natural element is part of the handwriting at Hucklebones. It’s something that we personally love working with, connecting with nature. We love to taking inspiration from the natural work and it’s always a big thing for us.

Some of our favorites for Fall Winter 2014 are this Leaf Dress with its lovely scalloped edge and then we have the natural leaf shapes reflected in the lace. It’s classic Hucklebones, feminine and delicate, while at the same time its got that really graphic feel.

hucklebones london leafy lace navy dress aw14

Also for this season, we’ve introduced faux fur. Our customers wanted something heavy to put on during those Winter months. It’s been really popular this season.

hucklebones london blue faux fur jacket aw14

At Hucklebones we design all of our own prints, and a lot of our fabrics as well. We work closely will the mills and that helps give Hucklebones that unique feeling. There’s nobody in the market with the same prints and products.

Our consumers really love that, they’re looking for something special and we’re offering all those pieces that are a little bit different. Our hand-illustrated prints that Dan designs in-house are one of a kind. We print them onto beautiful luxurious fabrics like silks & chiffons.

We’re really perfectionists in terms of cut and fit. All of our garment patterns and the cuts are done in-house. So everything gets tried on, checked, tweaked, and the pattern gets altered. It’s tailoring for little children.

You can now shop the gorgeous Hucklebones Botanical collection online at the end of the season prices.

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