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I dig denim Kids Interview Fall Winter 2014

At Playtime Paris I had the pleasure of interviewing I dig denim designer Hanna Clavegard about her Fall-Winter 2014. Back in 2009, Hanna started her Gothenburg, Sweden based denim brand for kids between 2-15 years and a few years later expanded to a women’s collection. The I dig denim brand ethos is what you wear reflects your personality and we think it’s important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Hanna carefully considers every detail and every collection is characterized by good quality, perfect fit, and unique washes.

Meet I Dig Denim Designer Hanna Clavegard

Idigdenim designer Hanna Clavegard

I have always loved jeans. Everything from the character of the fabric to how it can be shaped and adapted according to style and taste. Denim is timeless, easy to wear and practical. With my brand, I want to give children and women what I love – personal clothing that are made to feel comfortable in. It’s simple, I dig denim. – Hanna Clavegård

With I dig denim standing for a natural yet cool look, Hanna’s inspiration for I dig denim comes from the wild elements of the Swedish west coast – the sea, rocks and open skies. The brand DNA – based on denim and is completed with pieces in soft fabrics and shapes – is characterized by a strong sense of style, with a clearly relaxed and carefree expression.

Hanna Clavegård Shares I Dig Denim Collection

“Similar to other designer stories, when I had children in 2003 & 2005 and realized that I should create good denim for kids. That’s how we started I dig denim.

I traveled to different fairs to look at the market and get to know the other brands. In 2010 we launched the first collection with four styles and it quickly became popular. Our sizes start at 2 years and go up to 16 years. Plus there are button waist adjustments on the inside. You can also find a women’s collection from waist size 25 to 30.

During our manufacturing process, the jeans are cut to size, sewn together and then placed in huge washing bins similar to what’s used for cooking. After that, they start with the handmade detailing.

I dig denim NEWARK Blue Jean Denim

idigdenim NEWARK Blue Jean Denim

Here is the Newark Blue style denim that has been a success for us. It’s blue denim for both boys and girls that have a great fit. For every season we launch a new color.

I dig denim ALABAMA Grey Denim Jeans

Idigdenim ALABAMA Grey Denim Jeans

Here is a crinkle and it’s more or less handmade. After they do the washing process they crinkle the denim to get the right feeling when it arrives in the store. It gives it a look that the denim is pre-worn. They’re pre-washed and very soft which is also very important for us.

I dig denim ALABAMA BLUE Jeans

Idigdenim ALABAMA BLUE Jeans

This is our Alabama style denim for both boys and girls that is very soft and is offered in different colors. Here is an effect with a white color that’s handmade with a tool brushed over the denim.

idigdenim orlando vest fw14

I dig denim Orlando Denim Vest

I love this Orlando Vest which is one of our favorite looks that they stylists love. In the Spring it comes in light blue and for Autumn Winter we deliver it in black. We also have these grey Milan knit sweaters including this new style for girls which is oversized with a drop shoulder.

I dig denim Madison Blue Denim

idigdenim madison blue denim

We also have these sweatshirts in two shades of grey and in the white one we turn the fabric inside out to give it a fun twist.

All our collection has a clean minimalistic style which makes our label even more prominent on our clothing.”

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