BangBang Copenhagen Interview: Spring Summer 14

At the Playtime Paris Trade Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing BangBang Copenhagen Designers Mia Risager & Louise Lundholm, the amazing team behind this fun-hearted Danish kid’s brand. When I look at each piece in the Spring Summer collection it makes smile, knowing how much Mia & Louise have worked to create their BangBang Universe for kids that’s playful, creative and comfortable to wear.

I’ve been following this creative and playful brand and am inspired by how it has evolved in the past few years and is stocked by leading retailers around the globe.

For the Spring Summer 2014 collection, be sure to take a look at BangBang Copenhagen’s Eagle Sweatshirt standout piece, Cat Face Denim Dress, Grey Bat Eared Hooded Jumper, and more modern kids streetwear.

Meet Mia & Lousie BangBang Copenhagen Designers

“Our names are Mia and Louise and we are the designers of BangBang Copenhagen. We started this brand 6 years ago. We had been studying together at the Danish Design School and we started off this company wanting to make a Universe for kids that’s playful and creative.

bangbang copenhagen designer kids clothing
BangBang Copenhagen Kids Collection

We’ve been really focused on functionality, I think it’s a Scandinavian influence. We believe that clothes need to be really comfortable to wear and kids need to able to play in them. So it’s combining really comfortable with the playful element. We always really think about kids when we’re designing, and what they like.

For the Spring Summer 2014 collection is again inspired by our BangBang Universe. We made a new piece called the Eagle Sweatshirt. It’s more like a showpiece. We actually thought it would just be a showpiece for the magazines and to evoke a response from people.

bangbang copenhagen childrens fashion from denmark
Bangbang Copenhagen Children’s Fashion from Denmark

But actually, the buyers really like it. And we were surprised that we could actually sell the Eagle Dress in the shops. So we continued with it for the Winter 2014 collection as well with some of the same details.

For the SS14 collection, we have lots of fun details. Vibrant colors and stripes. And we do have some prints. Bird prints and the Cat Dress with the stripe details. And we actually have some pillows as well, so it’s a part of the collection.”

Thanks so much to Mia & Louise for the wonderful interview at Playtime Paris. Soon to come is part two of BangBang Copenhagen’s Fall Winter 2014 collection.