belle&beanzer Interview: Summer 2014

At Playtime New York on August 3rd I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Lazaroff who created belle&beanzer in 2009. Rebecca designs versatile apparel & accessories for newborn, infant and toddlers. Belle&Beanzer’s motto is: “We are moving design-forward while bringing the focus back to the baby.”

Read Interview with Rebecca Lazaroff from belle&beanzer

“I’m Rebecca, creator of belle&beanzer. I started belle&beanzer after I had my second child, actually, but it was my experience with both my children that led up to designing the whole line.

I’d been a designer in the childrenswear industry for about 15 years working for various brands. When I started having children, very excitedly I got all of the garments that I had been dreaming of. But when I started using them I realized that they didn’t function so well. The truth is when you’re putting clothing on another human being that can’t talk to you there is a functional design element to that activity which wasn’t being addressed in the industry.

All of the artwork is hand-painted by me initially and sent to a screener to cut the screen exactly as I’ve painted and drawn it.

We have our rompers and our shorties which is a shorter version of our rompers. We also have roo gowns. And all of our pieces have a peek-a-boo back opening. The peek-a-boo back opening works with an over-the-head, over-the-foot design, so it’s really easy for dressing and changing your baby.

This is our big love blanket, that has three uses. The first one is to nurse your baby. Mom puts her arm in the inner wing and she’s able to see her baby, have a connection with her baby, and have privacy. She also has complete control because she’s holding her baby through the inner wing – it’s really an extension of her while she’s nursing.

The second purpose is as a swaddle. So the arms pocket or wings are where the baby’s arms go and then you swaddle as you normally would. The baby is able to move its hands inside and begin to learn a self-soothing process, which we all know is very important to baby’s sleeping nicely and to their confidence.

Last but not least, it’s a perfect stroller blanket because the dipped design snugs around the baby, and doesn’t get caught on the wheels.”