D.fesense Japan Interview – Fall Winter 2014-2015

One of the highlights for me at Playtime Paris was my interview with Yuko Naramura, Apparel Manager from the Japanese brand D.fesense that designs baby and kids clothes with an adult style. I’m a huge fan of mini-me collections and was determined to do a video interview for Dashin Fashion 🙂

D.fesense is designed by Shigeyo Goto who for a decade designed women’s clothes, shoes and bags for major apparel brands. When Shigeyo became a mother of two children, she decided to start another stage in her career – buying baby and kids clothes. When carefully selecting items, Shigeyo asked herself, “Why do babies dress with emphasizing being a baby? Why don’t we treat them as individuals and offer them adult clothes?” This question led her to develop a new design concept of adult clothes for babies.

“From a young age let’s raise our children with a sense of fashion which means “SYARE-IKU” using D.fesense. Based on the study of an annual trend for adult fashion, we proudly design our collection to make Mom and Dad want to buy for themselves as well as for their children! We’ve also taken the care to prepare coordinated sets for new parents who want to be trendy.” – Shigeyo Goto

dfesense adult style kids clothes japan

On Dashin Fashion I often write about mini-me collections, so it was exciting to learn about Shigeyo Goto’s design ethos of adult clothes for babies. While designing an adult look with certain cuteness, key elements in Shigeyo’s design include comfort for baby and convenience and functionality for busy parents. D.fesense enjoyed immediate success as Shigeyo’s debut collection was a winner of “KIDS DESIGN AWARD” in 2013.

Interview with Yuko Naramura of D.fesense

“Hi! Nice to meet you, French people. Bonjour! We are “Dadway” from Japan. Our brand name is “D.fesense” and this is our first time to exhibit in Paris!

These styles are in the motif of Mount Fuji which has world heritage. They are in very bright colors. You can find “Onigiri”, it means rice ball here and there. They show quite a unique design.

Besides this, we have another style in our collection. It’s just like adult clothes.

Our first recommendation is this suit in a herringbone pattern. You have a pocket-handkerchief, and you have a shirt with tucks inside. You’ll also find also detail like this on the lining side, and really sophisticated details. This is just one piece for a baby.

We are introducing these wonderful products so you are welcome to our booth! Thank you so much!”

Thanks so much to Yoshiko Kubo from Cache Cache who translated for me at the trade show and the video captions. It will be exciting to see how D.fesense’s popularity grows in Japan and on an international level.