Frankygrow Interview: Fall Winter 2014-2015

I have always loved kids fashion from Japan which actually was an inspiration behind launching Dashin Fashion as a global kids fashion magazine. So when I met Chizuko TAKAI, designer of frankygrow at the Playtime Paris trade show in January I had to find a way to interview Chizuko for Dashin Fashion TV. What could be more appropriate for my global kids’ fashion magazine?

The best part of my interview, we did it in Japanese! Thanks to the help of Yoshiko Kubo who translated for me at the show and created the subtitles for our video interview. Thanks so much for your help! I definitely couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

frankiegrow fall winter 2014 girls collection

frankiegrow’s motto is “Japanese Style, Simple & Pop Design, Baby Kids clothing.” Watch Chizuko TAKAI’s interview to get a feel for the frankygrow collection.

“Hi, I’m the designer of frankygrow. These materials are original. This is a cotton and grained pattern and is my first experience with this collection.

And this one is matelassé which is used normally for jackets or coats but I also do it for the tops and pants.

All products are made in Japan. We ordered Makita Co. in the Yamashi Prefecture to manufacture these original materials. I love them so much!

This coat is in the Cocoon-style, whose material is also originally woven for us by Makita Co. which is a very traditional company.

I especially love the contrast between navy and red.”

frankiegrow girls dress fall winter 2014

I look forward to learning more about Japanese Kids Fashion at Playtime Tokyo to take place at the end of this month on February 25-27th.

Don’t miss my interview with Kay Sakaguchi, organizer of Playtime Tokyo and head of Picaflor Japan where he explained more about kids fashion in Japan and what’s special about the Playtime Tokyo trade show.