Rachel Riley Interview: Spring Summer 2014

I had the honor of interviewing Rachel Riley on August 5, 2013, at ENK Children’s Club. A traditionally inspired British luxury collection, Rachel Riley ties the craft of fine tailoring and needlework with the skill of the seamstress and pattern-cutter. Enamored by the creative process as much as the final product, Rachel has a “hands-on” design approach where she continues to cut her own patterns, hand-sews, knits and embroiders samples herself. Many of the prints used in each collection are designed in-house and exclusive to Rachel Riley.

Read Interview with Rachel Riley at ENK Children’s Club

“The highlight of our collection is our Heritage collection which by popular demand we’ve made a classic item so we’re going to do year-round. We actually designed it around the excitement for the Royal Baby when we knew that Princess Catherine was pregnant. We have designed three exclusive prints. We’ve got My Little Prince, My Little Princess, and we’ve got The Baby Prince which is also really cute in unisex.

rachel riley heritage collection
rachel riley heritage collection for baby girl

We sell them at Harrods. We delivered them 3 weeks ago just before the Royal Baby was born and they sold out immediately. They re-ordered 3 times in 3 weeks and they’ve still sold out. So we’ve re-ordered it and it’s going to be part of our permanent collection.

rachel riley heritage baby boy
rachel riley classic baby boy clothes

This is our new seaside collection it has a November delivery which for us is quite early but I know the Americans like to have it early for the holidays and for going away. It’s mostly swimsuits and little coverups, and beach dresses.

rachel riley girls summer swimsuit

This is our Pre-Spring Collection, and we do girls, infants, and boys. This is most of the stronger colors and is for January delivery.

rachel riley girls dress spring summer 2014
rachel riley boys summer 2014 outfit

The February delivery is for Easter dresses, slightly more formal wear, fun kind of Summer pieces perfect for picnics. Slightly more formal wear but you has your casual wear, to begin with, the November delivery and then coming for the more formal wear in February for Summer parties and weddings.”