Shampoodle Interview: Spring Summer 2014

One of my favorite brands out of Stockholm is Shampoodle, that was started back in 2006 as a hobby for the witty and creative couple Jakob Wästberg and Helene Stevenberg. Building on Jakob’s experience as a photographer, advertiser & developer, and Helene’s experience as an art director & graphic designer, Shampoodle offers fun and comfortable Scandinavian kids collections with a tagline “childishly comfortable clothes”.

At Playtime Paris I made a point of interviewing Jakob on Shampoodle’s brand ethos and what Shampoodle kids will be wearing this Spring Summer 2014.

shampoodle bollywood pants spring summer 2014

“The Naïve Collection is dedicated to our house god Henri Rousseau, who’s green jungles we dived into for color guidance and inspiration. We found a paradise lost, a romantic spirit and a childish simplicity, synonymous with our collection. Enjoy:)” – Helene & Jakob, Shampoodle.

shampoodle heni rousseau shirt summer 14

Read Interview with Jakob Wästberg on Shampoodle Naive Collection

“I’m Jakob Wästberg from Shampoodle. I started this brand Shampoodle with my wife Helene Stevenberg about 7 years ago. We’re based in Stockholm but sell all over the world.

We have as our tagline, “childishly comfortable clothes”. We want to do cool fashionable clothes that are always comfortable, and easy to wear. Kids should want to choose them for what they want to wear tomorrow, but they should still look good. So we try to work with very soft materials, very simple organic cotton, that’s modal and a little bit more fun cuts.

Spring Summer 14 is the Naïve collection. We had this Rousseau theme of the French Painter Henri Rousseau. We used his one painting as a print for a t-shirt. The whole thing has to do with playfulness and soft of naivety.

shampoodle patchwork sweater summer 2014

Here is the Bollywood pant. We’ve done them for a number of seasons in different materials and colors. This is a seersucker material that’s sort of wavy in beige and brown.

And this is in collaboration with a local graphics, a Swedish company that makes a very nice graphic design. So we did both the peace sign but also a number of maps of Stockholm and other Swedish cities.

This is our bead top. We did it in a couple of colors. It’s a very simple top with some beads in the back that pulls it together.

We call this the raglan sweat tee that also comes in a bunch of colors. It’s a heavy jersey so it’s a little bit warm but short sleeved and extremely soft.

These are basic tank tops and also here are the Bollywood pants in pink and orange as well.

This is actually a swimsuit material. We did swimsuits and swim trunks but we also did this surf jacket and pants that you can both have on the beach and with sun protection but you can also have them in the city or wherever.

And here’s the swimsuit. We really just wanted a plain swimsuit without prints or anything going on. They come in orange and blue.

shampoodle pink polkadot jumpsuit summer 2014

As part of the Naive theme, we had big pink dots, a sort of happy print. That’s the jumpsuit with huge pockets that you can hold out or otherwise they just fall down and it looks cool. And the little bounce skirt, it’s actually a skirt with shorts underneath.

Each Summer we always have basic dresses with something going on. Here we have a big cross print. Another dress is a big print of a yellow line in the front.

This is the artist cardigan with a little patchwork and different colored buttons, and also with our denim that we tend to do for most seasons.

And here’s our tracksuit that we’ve done from our very first collection in different updated versions. This time is called stained material with little dots of different colors in the fabric.”

Thanks so much to Jakob Wästberg for the video interview on Shampoodle’s SS14 Collection at Playtime Paris. Soon to follow on DFTV is my interview with Jakob on the Shampoodle FW14 collection.