The Tiny Universe Interview: Fall Winter 2014 2015

One of my favorite baby brands is The Tiny Universe by designers Maria & Johan out of Stockholm. For the holidays, I wrote about their tiny suit and little black dress as the perfect holiday baby party wear.

At Playtime Paris I had the opportunity to interview Maria & Johan about how they started The Tiny Universe, what’s special about the brand, and what’s new for Fall / Winter 2014.

Read Interview w/ The Tiny Universe’s Maria & Johan

“Hi my name is Johan and this is my colleague Maria. We run the business The Tiny Universe together. About 3.5 years ago we worked at an ad agency, and we were going to attend a friend’s baptism. We couldn’t find a suitable gift for the party, and that’s how the idea for The Tiny Universe was born. We wanted to make iconic kids wear that was still comfortable to wear so they can take a nap and play. So that’s how we came up with this concept.

the tiny universe baby boy holiday romper

It all started with our iconic piece – The Tiny Suit and The Tiny Tuxedo. And from there the pieces evolved, becoming even nicer with velvet and a real bow tie.

the tiny universe holiday dress

For girls, we started out with this tiny lady dress. It’s a lovely black dress with a pearl necklace printed on. Just like the boys’ clothes, this is perfect for parties, Christmas, New Years and other events. These are our classic pieces that stay in our collection over time. Each year we add a few pieces that we feel suit the classic collection. For example, this Christmas inspired dress with a huge bow is perfect for parties, the sandbox or wherever you happen to be.

This is the new Winter 2014 collection and here is one of our new dresses, The Small Dot. The good thing about this dress is that you can create a totally new look when you take the removable belt and change it with one from another dress.

We have cardigans that match our dresses and designed to be short so they meet the waistline of the dress. Another good thing about our cardigans it that they’re reversible. We also have hair bows made of the same fabric pattern as on the dresses, so we can mix them together.

New for this year are also accessories. Whether you’re going to or from the party you’re going to need to keep warm and still look stylish. So we designed these really chic scarfs to go with the tiny suits. They match all of The Tiny Universe patterns, The Snow Leopard, The Snow Dot and more. We’re doing baby blankets as well, and bedding sets are coming, all in the same patterns and styles.

So now it’s not just at the party, but going to and from the party as well.”

Since I filmed this interview in late January at Playtime Paris, The Tiny Universe has big news….they just opened a new flagship store in Stockholm!