Jessie and James Swivel dress

Jessie and James Kids Interview Fall Winter 2014 Collection

“We worked in the fashion industry for Vivienne Westwood. Jessica was the head pattern cutter for Vivian and I was the menswear designer. We met there, became a couple, had a baby, and then decided to do something with our skills, and have a bit of fun by dressing children instead of adults. Which is a new path for us and something we enjoy doing. We started making a few garments and it evolved into a whole collection.”

Jessie and James – Best of London Kids Fashion

We try to put humor in everything we do. We use of skills taught by Vivian which is historical pattern cutting, and bring in that element of humor and styling, trying to make unique garments which is really our DNA – to make something that’s new and fresh, make it traditional with a twist, but always keep that humor and fun in there since it’s childrenswear. And enjoy it. So that’s what the DNA is of Jessie and James.

“Some of my favorites are our Classic Squiggle Dress which we layer it to give it a better more bouncy look, and a more flared look in the back with a squiggly shape. It has a wavy woven double skirt attached to a comfortable soft jersey base with unique pleated sleeves. This dress is really the essence of Jessie and James, where we started from. From there we moved on the higher price points, but this is a classic piece that represents our brand.

Jessie and James Bolero Jacket and Tratan Dress

Jessie and James Girls Bolero Jacket and Tartan Dress

This is our Classic Deja Vu Pinafore Dress where we took our geometrically structured pinafore base and added our new draped bow to the front. We’ve got these big checks to keep a traditional British quintessential look. We also have this with our Classic Swivel Dress with the soft jersey and cotton check look. To complete the look we have this check bolero jacket that you can match with each dress.

In our collection, you’ll see these traditional check patterns with a design twist – new types of details, and mixing contrasts.

Jessie and James Hankerchief Dress FW14

Jessie and James Girls Handkerchief Dress

This is our Handkerchief Dress, an origami folded apron dress, with a tie front, short sleeves, and fitted shape that can be adjusted with a tie belt.

Jessie and James Boys Fall Winter 2014 Outfit

Jessie and James Boys Winter Collection

Boyswear is also where we try to have fun with the styling. For boys up to age 9, we have different classic shirts with contrasts to make it a bit more humorous. We have this scarf that turns into a hat. And this Red Bolero Hat here is our logo, of course.

Jessie and James Boys Button Down Shirt

Jessie and James Boys Button Down Shirt

For babies here is our classic boy’s trouser that people love. It’s called the Tip Toe Trouser made with square shapes that are very comfortable for younger babies.

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