Interview with Mischka Aoki Fall Winter 2014

At the PetiteParade Kids Fashion Week in New York I was fascinated with Mischka Aoki‘s gorgeous girl’s couture dress collection designed for Fall Winter 2014. Following the runway show, I was inspired to ask Mischka Aoki designer Winnie Aoki about her brand and what inspired her Fall-Winter 2014 collection.

Mischka Aoki Girls Fashion Show

mischka aoki girls fashion show fw14
“Mischka Aoki was created from my love-of-style and fashion. It all started when my daughter Mischka was born 5 years ago and I couldn’t find anything that, to me, looked stylish & different for her to wear when we were out. So I ended up designing and making dresses for her – and that’s how it started.

Mischka Aoki Girl White Feather Dress

mischka aoki girls white feather dress fw14
Luxuriously elegant and glamorously crafted is the characteristic of every Mischka Aoki piece. We love to use luxurious exclusive fabrics, and an exceptional amount of handwork is dedicated to making and perfecting, each piece.

Mischka Aoki Gorgeous Girl’s Gold Dress

mischka aoki gorgeous girls dress fw14
At the moment we cater for girls from 1 yr – 12 yrs. However, we do receive many requests to create dresses for older girls, so next season for FW14 will extend our age range to 16 years.”

Our Fall Winter 2014 collection actually is my personal favorite season of all time…I love every single piece in this collection! Inspired by the Rock n’ Roll era of the swinging 60s, the campaign is influenced by the alter ego concept of The Beatles’ infamous platinum-selling album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Mischka Aoki Queen of Rock Dress

mischka aoki queen of rock dress back fw14
“You’ll find a psychedelic array of vibrant bolds, detailed prints and an eclectic mix of fresh, new fabrics in the collection. Zesty citrus neon, faux fur, textured faux leather, floaty feminine feathers, sparkling sequins, and uniquely entwined tweed are just some of the characteristics incorporated into this season’s casual collection.

Mischka Aoki Girls White Confetti Dress

mischka aoki girls white confetti dress fw14
Our signature tulle and intricate hand embroidery are taken to the next level with a series of ‘haute couture’ floor-length dresses, and the seasonal Exclusive Limited Edition Swarovski range boasts six stunning new designs.

Two of my favorite pieces from the Fall Winter 2014 collection is The Queen of Rock dress and The A-List coat.

Mischka Aoki Queen of Rock Dress

mischka aoki queen of rock dress fw14 front back
The Queen of Rock dress is made of golden tousled tulle and features delicate flowers which beautifully embellish the embroidered fabric.

Mischka Aoki Girls Citric Fur Coat

mischka aoki girls citruc fur coat fw14
The A-List coat is made of a vibrant citrus plush faux fur.”

Photo Credit: Anna Ksenzenko

You can shop for Mischka Aoki’s collections at exclusive boutiques and department stores around the world. Enjoy a special end of the season discount by shopping online!

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