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TroiZenfantS Kids Interview Fall Winter 2014

At the Playtime New York Trade Show I had the pleasure of interviewing TroiZenfantS founders Valerie Herbet & Virginie de Gemini. During our interview, Valerie and Virginie shared how they started their brand, what’s unique about TroiZenfantS, and what’s new for Fall Winter 2014 Collection.


TroiZenfantS started in 2004 when fashion designer Valerie met top ex-top model Virginie de Gemini who branched into the fashion industry. Together they chose the name TroiZenfantS which was at the time the number of kids they had. Which is not true anymore, however, they kept the TroiZenfantS name.

What’s Unique about TroiZenfantS?

TroiZenfantS is a truly French brand, we try to be as French as we can. When you look at the collection you see the French style. In our DNA you’ll find lots of details in our clothes and a lot of technical pieces.

We focus on girls clothes from ages baby to teen, which was newly launched for Fall Winter 2014 at the request of existing customers. In the past, Valerie designed for women fashion and now she’s doing the same for kids, so teenage fashion is a natural continuation of the brand.

Each year we change all of our patterns so you’ll never find the same dress from one season to the next. This is a plus for the brand because many other brands keep the same pattern from year to year. So this makes us a little bit more unique than others. We can feel this with our customers because they always come to see the new collection when it comes online.

Meet TroiZenfantS Designers Valerie Virginie

TroiZenfantS Designers Valerie Virginie
Some of my favorite pieces from the Fall Winter 2014 collection is this little blue knit and flower-printed voile dress that’s simple and elegant.

TROIZENFANTS Girls Red Curly Tweed Coat

This Red Curly Tweed Coat is my favorite made of wool with a cotton percale lining and silken lining inside the sleeves.

TROIZENFANTS Blue Floral Lace Dress

This Navy Blue Lace Dress is very cute with flared sides and cotton twill lining.

TROIZENFANTS Girls Sleeveless Black Curly Tweed Dress  & Parisian Channel Style Coat

TROIZENFANTS Girls Parisian Outfit
And my very favorite is this Sleeveless Black Curly Tweed Dress with a cotton percale lining. It’s very Parisian and you can match it with this Channel Style Coat. Complete the look with this cool hat.

Love the gorgeous and tres chic French TroiZenfantS collection for Fall Winter 2014! And the best news is that it’s now on sale online!

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