A For Apple

Hong Kong Kids Brand by Denise Ho & Jeffrey Chau

Designed for the fashion-forward, A for Apple children’s clothing for newborns to six-year-olds features chic yet effortless clothing of high quality, available for fashion conscious children and parents worldwide. A for Apple uses eco-friendly materials and organic cotton, and children can freely express themselves with fun, on the edge style.

A for Apple is a children’s clothing line designed for fashion-forward kids ranging from newborns to five-year-olds.The line consists of edgy basis mode of the highest quality eco-friendly materials and organic cotton.

A for Apple hits up the schoolyard with their newest line, and this season, it’s all about enjoying the outdoors—in style. You’ll find a full range of cool winter coats and hip down jackets to snuggle up in when the temperature drops. This season’s color palette is a rich network of hunter greens, cobalt blues, heather greys, and bright reds. Classic country style gets played up with Nordic prints and rustic plaids, and form meets function with the multiple appearances of utility elements throughout the collection. Patchwork on collars and sleeves add yet another dimension of playfulness to streamlined shirts and outerwear, and A for Apple has included plenty of pockets
and hoods for practicality.

a for apple kids clothes hong kong

About the A For Apple Founders

Denise Ho is Creative Director for A For Apple. She studied Fashion Design of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and has lived as well as worked in New York and London. Denise is also a Hong Kong-based celebrity and editorial fashion stylist.

Jeffrey Chau is the Business Director for A For Apple who is engaged in his family garment business. Jeffrey is known as a go-getter and a jet-setter who graduated from Columbia University in New York and worked in Taipei and Sydney in different industries.

You won’t be disappointed by A for Apple’s smart fashion sense and bold color schemes that continue to satisfy the most fashion-conscious kids and parents each season!