Absorba Kids Fashion

Fun & Colorful French Kids Fashion SHOP

Absorba kids clothes creates designer children’s clothing for kids aged 0 to 8. Absorba’s children’s collections are fun, colorful and high quality. A member of Group Zannier, Absorba dresses children all over the world since 1949 throughout its distribution network of 1300 point of sales.

Absorba’s premie line assures the best comfort and the well-being of your baby. This line uses soft organic cotton, pastel colors, body shapes and accessories specially studied for the new-born baby. The layette collection offers functional products, designed around wellness for babies from 1 month to 18 months. The Mini Kids and Kids, signed by Confetti for Absorba, is determinedly trendy and uses harmonious colors, fashion details and cheerfulness.

The brand was founded 60 years ago and it has evolved and adapted (itself) while maintaining its core values: know-how, quality, comfort, functionality, and modernity.

Absorba dresses children from premature baby to 14 years through four segments: newborn, babywear, mini kids, and kids. And now, Absorba offers a nursery textile line and soft toy, which complement the offer.

Absorba, a token of trust and quality, in more than 35 countries, draws its 450 styles per season in France.

Stylists, illustrators, and designers are working together in order to propose your collections up to your expectations.

Absorba Kids Since 1949

1949 – Absorba was founded in 1949 in France, on the innovative concept of insulating layers, which at the time were only sold in the United States. Babyboom in full, an immediate success for the brand also launched a babywear and pajamas collection.

1965 – Absorba launched its first child clothing line.

1970 – Absorba launched the safari jacket for a child when Yves Saint Laurent was launching its own and will know a great success.

1974 – Specialist of underwear for babies and child. The brand launched TV advertisements with catchy music: a child who dresses himself in Absorba, accompanied by the slogan “ABSORBA dresses children simply”

1979 – Ab’s collection was launched. This line, simple and colorful, offers underwear for children between 6 and 10 years.

1991 – A New Subsidiary of Zannier Group. ABSORBA joined the Zannier group, a global leader in children’s fashion.

2007 – A 100% organic cotton collection. ABSORBA stood out for its first collection in organic cotton for the “First Day”.

2009 Absorba was 60 years old. For the occasion, the brand was launching retro and a colorful collection inspired by old collections since its creation in 1949, for the babywear collection (3 months-18 months), children (2-8 years) or female.

2011 Absorba opened its first store. The first store Absorba opened its doors in Lyon. The brand put forward a store concept with innovative and original bars pajamas, bright hopscotch, and shop windows open to the outside.

2012 A nursery line. Absorba launched a nursery line, completed by a soft toy collection.

2013 The first one in Kuwait and the second one in Russia. The brand recently obtained the Dim license for an underwear collection intended for juniors (2-16 years).

2014 Absorba was a global leader in babywear. It’s with 18 million pieces sold per year, as well in shop than in retail. The brand was present in forty countries; it maintained its international openness. It was the first European brand to children in South Korea.