Album di Famiglia

Designed by Monica Rusconi in Northern Italy

Album di Famiglia kids clothes, designed by Monica Rusconi located in Northern Italy, is an Italian family affair, and its spirit is based on simple but effective values, on which its reputation has been built: the highest quality materials, chosen by the designer with the baby’s comfort in mind, and tailored into cosy and practical clothes. With regard to colors, the palette is worthy of a colorist from Farrow & Ball! My favorite thing about Album di famiblia is it clean and modern styling that suits any little boy or girl regardless or their coloring and age.

Plus, you can find these gorgeous baby and kids designs in adult sizes – perfect for the modern uber-chic and fashion forward family who enjoys subdued colors, modern silhouettes and comfy materials. The avant-garde of Italian baby fashion, Album di Famiglia kids is manufactured with highest quality material. Your little one will enjoy clothes that are super comfy, soft, and perfectly cut, with minimalist shapes and an interesting muted color palette with lots of greys, whites, and pastels.[/column]

Album di Famiglia Baby Clothes Italy

Exclusively produced in small workshops in Italy, Monica Rusconi is now dressing the entire family – Album di Famiglia has extended their range to include womanswear and menswear with the same family values in mind. Album di Famiglia is renowned for its super-soft and luxurious fabrics that feel like cashmere but is still machine washable.

The collection is as perfect for newborns’ sensitive skin as they are for toddlers’ activity-filled days. Album Di Famiglia is subtle, tasteful, and sophisticated – featuring classic styles, clean & modern lines, and elegant colors.[/column]