Aletta Children’s Clothing

Aletta – Italian Tradition Since 1957

Back in 1957, the Aletta Kids Clothing story began when Mrs. Cosetta, a dressmaker with the passion for patterns, made her first items for children with the utmost care and taste. Her first customers were local shops in Firenze who appreciated these unique items. More than 50 years and three generations later, this family story in the kidswear industry has now reached its fourth generation growing up among fabrics and sewing machines noise

What’s special about Aletta is that it’s a modern company using the latest production technology, while at the same time continues to be a family business that follows years of tradition. Aletta’s designer department continues to follow the production cycle as the old-fashioned handicraft shop. The company culture is based on Renaissance handicraft and on the aesthetic taste.

We want to make well what we have always produced: kidswear. Aletta is the brand of the ‘well done’ things, as we told in the past, that‘s to say of the things that must last in the time. Once upon a time in every home, there was a sewing machine and all the women knew as to use it. This tradition is still the same in Aletta factory where the women work the fabrics with passion and proud, using all that they learned from play, tradition, and culture.

About Aletta Couture Clothing

“We are speaking of employees who, by their hands, are able to make everything and that with the working rest they produce beautiful things. The save culture (not to waste and to use again what is possible) is the result of the experience and the skill of each employee, who is able to make each piece really unique.”

Take a peek at the latest baby and children’s clothing collections by Aletta. All design and production continue to take place exclusively in Tuscany. Employees enjoy landscape colors reflecting the light inside the factory, where they can see the farmed fields and the sweet Tuscany hills. Now there a great place to work!