American Outfitters

Boys & Girls Clothing by 3 Sisters from Belgium

Since 1993, Belgian brand American Outfitters kids clothes have offered amazing, elegant and comfortable children’s and women’s collections, with a gorgeous adventurous touch. Belgium’s designer children’s clothing brand American Outfitters offers elegant and fun styles for fashion conscious girls and boys.

american outfitters Winter 2014 kids

Famous for its creativity and its sense of detail, American Outfitter’s brand DNA is simple, fashionable clothing, for women and kids were a lot of attention being paid to quality.

american outfitters Winter 2014 boys

The story of American Outfitters is a tale of three personalities and one soul. Three sisters – six hands – one passion – stylish and fashionable clothing for women and kids. sobriety is the key, less is more! Together they form American Outfitters, a Belgian top brand that just because of its sense of simplicity and a great eye for details has gained worldwide success.

american outfitters Winter 2014 girls

American Outfitters Designers

American Outfitters Designers Nathalie Patricia Caroline VandermoorteleThe American Outfitters story is made up of family, talent and perseverance.

It’s a story of three sisters – Nathalie, Patricia and Caroline Vandemoortele who started American Outfitters in 1993 who turned it into an established label on both Belgian and international markets.

Each of the 3 sisters brought in their own skills to create this genuine success story.

american outfitters Winter 2014 children

Nathalie is in charge of the daily business, Patricia is in charge of the creative side and Caroline is in charge of the commercial department.

American Outfitters goes global! American Outfitters is sold in 5 own stores in Belgium, in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, and Knokke, in multi-brand stores in Belgium and all over Europe, and even in Japan and Russia.