Anais & I

Anais & I Kids Clothes from Thes USA

Anais & I creates modern and comfortable children’s clothes designed by, played in, and tested by designer Jane D’Haene’s 3 year old daughter Anais. This unique children’s brand creates comfortable kids clothing with fun details. You’ll find bright colors, and gorgeous silhouettes perfect for babies, girls and boys.

Anaïs & I designer Jane D’Haene explains that her daughter Anaïs is more than just an inspiration, she’s actually her design assistant.

mama, this pocket is too high, mama, it’s little too tight here. This is what I hear from my 3 year old daughter while we are working together at home. It was my dream to design comfortable yet stylish clothes for my daughter ever since she was born. Clothes, which even after a long day at the playground, still look great. So here is our creation, from Anais & I. Simple clothes, designed, tested and approved by my daughter. I hope you enjoy it. – Jane D’Haene, Designer, Anais & I

In the Anaïs & I collection you’ll find stylish fashionable kids items that are easy to mix and match, and are made high-quality fabrics. You’ll also find fun accessories, a home collection line, and a number of fashionable items made just for mom.

Anais & I Designer Jane D’Haene

Jane was a former architect before she started making baby clothes for her daughter Anaïs.

Soon design became her passion and Jane took sewing classes in the NYC garment district.

After 5 classes Jane moved on to books teaching herself to sew and making a few dresses a day.

Anais and I Kids Clothes USA

Her passion for kids fashion grew and she began taking orders from neighbors.

As her home business grew, her friends encouraged her to start her own collection.

Today Jane has 3 kids and continues with her passion for kids fashion be designing Anais & I children’s collections each season.