ANiVE for the Minors

Swedish Organic & Practical Kids Fashion Designed by Gabriella Lundblad

ANIVE for the minors, established in 2011 by Swedish fashion and graphic designer Gabriella Lundblad, creates organic and practical children’s clothing whose prints are made with both humor and seriousness. At ANÏVE for the minors you won’t see any visible logos, instead there’s a focus on elaborate details and neat insides.

Gabriella is inspired by Arts & Crafts as well as everyday life. The collection features organic pieces in a modern, Scandinavian style for both boys and girls from 18 months to 8 years.

When my father passed away I came across some plastic bags with old postcards lying as garbage in the garage. The postcards dated from the beginning of the 20th century and were sent by my grandmother’s mother Daga. She made a long grand tour in Europe and sent postcards to her parents – often several days a week from all over Europe. I noticed that I felt she was modern. The postcards – filled with humor could be posed by a young woman today. The grand tour and my grandmother inspired me to create the collection. – Gabriella Lundblad.

anive for the minors girls clothes sweden

ANÏVE for the minors’ collection features a number of prints – Italia, France and Byans – and the main colors are two types of blue, pea green, yellow and shaded pastels in the t-shirt collection. You can mix and match all of the color and the prints enhance each other. All styles are casual and comfy yet will still make your little one look dressed up.

Some favorites in the collection are Cord Pants, the Square Dress, the Fika Dress, and The Dancing Dress. A new item in the collection is the Cord Blazer that along with the Cord Pants makes a Suit outfit for boys and girls.