Anne Kurris

Anne Kurris is a star in the world of design, especially the creation of uniquely fashioned children’s clothing from Belgium. Her fabulous kid’s fashion is labeled with her name, Anne Kurris.

Anne Kurris Girls Clothes Belgium

Born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1959, Anne Kurris is a true artist. She began her career by studying graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at St Lucas University, College of Arts and Design in Antwerp.

Anne Kurris Kids Fashion Designer

During the 1980s, the Royal Academy was the source for the development of a new, far-reaching fashion vision that would put Antwerp on the map as an extraordinary site for fashion design. Here, Anne Kurris met ‘The Antwerp Six’, including current Antwerp fashion and design leaders Dries Van Noten and Walter Van Beirendonck.

After graduating, Anne Kurris started as a graphic designer, working for Dries Van Noten creating the catalogs and invitations. She gained more experience as the art director for the fashion magazine BAM! and for major Belgian cultural institutes like the Flemish Opera in Antwerp and the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. Anne Kurris, the fashion designer, evolved from working with fashion notables, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dries Van Noten.

In 1998, Anne Kurris was ready to launch her own fashion line, a kids clothing collection bearing her own name. Inspired by pop art and nature, the line is characterized by bright color combinations and strong, yet edgy graphic designs with an optimistic touch of humor and a bit of sweetness. Her striking attention to detail makes each individual piece truly special.

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Famous photographer Achim Lippoth and the creative designer Anne Kurris met deep down in the forest for a mystical shooting on July 2010. For the Look Book photos, Parents and their children went on an exciting journey joining forest animals in their living environment.

Anne Kurris kids clothes collection is truly designed for cool kids. It is the kind of clothes that kids love to wear.

As an artist, Kurris sets the trend in luxury kids clothing. She designs her own fabrics. Her prints are always sophisticated and unique. She uses only natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool. The items often feature textured prints, metallic edges, and appliques.

Anne Kurris believes that clothing for children should not only be beautiful but also practical, comfortable, colorful and lots of fun. To this end, her collects are full of neons and bright colors, joyous flowers and distinctive animal prints. Her creative, yet children-sensible ideas are greatly valued by parents. Children love to wear her happy and easy-to-wear clothes.

Her distinctive, high-quality collection, including cotton digitally printed t-shirts and shirts, lurex dresses and skirts, tops, wool hats, and scarves and silk trousers, always follows the fashion trends. These items are created for girls and boys from ages about 6 months to fourteen years. The clothing permits easy changing on different occasions, such as making possible stress-free dashes from school to special family dinners.

Anne Kurris Collection Photographed by Achim Lippoth

Anne Kurris Boys Clothes Belgium

A special feature of Anne Kurris is photographic animal prints. Recently, during the first major international fashion conference in Belgium, an adorable young girl wearing Anne Kurris’s “joy cat” dress is photographed presenting Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of 
Belgium with roses.

From her start in Antwerp, Anne Kurris has achieved international distribution at high-end stores, such as the Paris Le Bon Marché, the New York and Beverly Hills Barneys, the UAE Bloomingdale and the London Harvey Nichols stores. offers an extensive collection of Anne Kurris designs.

A description of Anne Kurris collection is not complete without citing her unique and beautiful website and lookbooks photography. These certainly reflect her experiences and abilities as a graphic artist. The photography is by Achim Lippoth, renowned German photographer famed for his work with children.

Anne Kurris advises her students, “You need to have a very personal signature, and I believe you have to be rebellious. It’s your idiosyncrasies that need to be communicated to an audience.” – quoted in Anna Kurris has certainly followed her own recommendation for the creation of her fabulous kids’ fashion brand.

Anne Kurris is a contributor to KID’S WEAR, a unique magazine for children’s fashion, lifestyle and culture. Established in 1995, it is edited by Achim Lippoth. In over 240 pages, published twice yearly at the beginning of each fashion season, the magazine invites the best world’s kids fashion designers and celebrated photographic artists to interpret today’s fashion and contemporary lifestyle especially for children.

In 2009, Anne Kurris was recognized for her contributions to this fashion industry by being invited to display her “paper dresses” at the Antwerp fashion museum MOMU (Mode Museum Antwerp), as part of their exhibition PAPER FASHION.

In addition to her kids’ clothing line, for a decade, Anne Kurris has taught graphic design at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp. In addition to teaching courses, she advises Master’s students and thereby is a major influence in the professional fashion industry.