apünktchen kids clothes, created by Anette Grundman in Cologne, Germany, is a unique collection for kids ages 0 – 10 years old. Each piece is designed and manufactured in Germany.

apunktchen kids clothes germany

Annette knows that kids love to wear clothes that are special and comfortable. Kids want to feel good, be free and have enough space to grow and develop their own unique personalities.

I have a special interest in supporting children’s preference for weird combinations, soft materials and funny functions in clothing. – Anette Grundman, designer and founder of apünktchen.

apünktchen clothing has been designed to grow with each child – it does not look too big or too small. Each piece in the collection can be passed on to the little ones without ever looking outdated.

I think clothing should become a favorite piece, maybe tell a story about all the generations who have worn it, explains Anette.

apunktchen Boys Clothes Germany

I especially appreciate if apünktchen is being worn with the same emphasis and love that I have put into creating, making and selling each individual piece, says Anette.

I first discovered apünktchen’s adorable kids’ collection from Germany at Playtime Paris where Anette was exhibiting her Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Each season I look forward to seeing what new fashionable style will be created for babies, girls, and boys. Another thing I love is that Anette designs with kids in mind, meaning that all of the items in her collection are made for comfort yet they have a distinctly modern European style. Plus, they are made in Germany in order to support the local community and save the environment by lowering the global footprint by cutting out transportation from manufacturing facilities to kids boutiques.