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Congratulations to Aster Shoes on their 100 year anniversary! Since 1913 Comfort quality and strength are the key objectives of the company in the design and manufacturing of each pair of kids footwear each season. Aster kids shoes respect the anatomy of children’s feet which contributes to their natural form.

Aster Shoes helps babies learn how to walk and how to remain stable when standing with excellent comfort and good feet hygiene. Aster combines modern, high-performance production facilities, with the experience of a staff which combines generations of knowledge.

Over the last 100 years, Aster shoes has evolved from handcrafting to the latest technology making them one of the leaders in baby and kids’ shoes in the world. With Aster’s shoes, you’ll find quality, fit, style and uncompromising standards – these are the main objectives of the company in designing each collection for each season.

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“Today Aster kids shoes combine expertise and creativity to design kids’ shoe collections that are perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of children and the expectations of their parents. Aster kids’ shoes will take your child from their first steps and follow them throughout their childhood, day by day in all their activities.”

Aster shoes for girls and goys have true European style. For Winter you’ll find a wonderful selection of fine leather boots and dress shoes. For Summer you’ll find leather sandals that will keep your little one’s feet cool all summer.