Atlanta Mocassin Shoes

Hand Made Shoes for the Entire Family Made in Portugal

Atlanta Mocassin, founded in 1987 in Porto, Portugal, began creating casual moccasin shoes for Women and Men. Soon later parents wanted their children to wear the same moccasin shoes. The company then introduced baby and kids size shoes were to the marketplace, becoming a brand for all the family.

Atlanta Mocassin can be found in partner retail shops all around the world. Years have passed and the brand has grown, but the brand philosophy has always remained the same: to offer comfortable shoes for all the family.

Atlanta Mocassins Kids Portugal

Because of this, the company maintains the handmade manufacturing process while at the same time looking for original materials from the best tanneries to create distinctive shoes and leather goods.

Our mission is to use the finest materials to produce premium quality footwear for all the family. To succeed we trust in our team to produce and distribute Atlanta Mocassin products around the world. Our team is composed of enthusiast people with large experience in the footwear industry and retail business.

Atlanta Mocassin Production in Portugal

Atlanta Mocassins are handmade in Portugal since 1987. See the production process from choosing colorful pieces of leather to cutting out separate pieces and hand sewing the shoes together including the soles and driving mocs. Even a needle is used to sew the final stitching around the shoe. It’s pretty amazing to see that each of pair is handmade!

I can’t believe how many styles there are to choose from. Some of my personal favorites are the metal colors and the neon tones that make a big fashion statement. And you can’t go wrong with the traditional brown and cool white shades for Moccis. You can’t really go wrong with these cool handmade shoes from Portugal!