Axl’s Closet

Axls Closet Kids Store

Axls closet online shop carries products from the action sports and outdoor industries, as well as selections from the kids boutique and music worlds.

The Axl’s closet story began in 1991 when Steve Genzler moved west to Vail, CO to chase his dreams of snowboarding for a living, and where he met his wife Kim. (Ok, now I’m really jealous – living in Vail is the dream life!)

Nine years later the couple both work in the actions sports industry, have two kids (Lola and Axl) and have migrated to Salt Lake City, UT, home of the Greatest Snow on Earth.

After 15 years at eyewear powerhouse Oakley, Steve decided to chase his dreams again, this time in the business world. was born from Steve and Kim’s desire to fill their children’s closets with clothes that aligned with their interests and lifestyles.

We enjoy living an active lifestyle with our children and we are interested in dressing them in styles and brands that reflect our passions, aspirations, and tastes. Every product we carry has to pass one basic test “would we buy it for our kids?” We search for pieces and brands that we like and we hope that you like them too.

Update to this article – unfortunately, it looks like the Axl’s Closet Website is now closed…wishing the Genzler family best of luck on their next adventure.

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