Colorful Baby & Kids Clothes from Denmark

AYA NAYA Kids clothes from Denmark produces high quality clothing for baby and kids. The AYA NAYA company started up in 2007 and today it represents four brands – each of them with their own identity and target group.

Aya Naya Fall Girls

FAYA NAYA Kids is the original collection for girls from 3 – 12 years of age. The MINI collection (3 – 24 months) is based on the amazing prints from the AYA NAYA Kids collection but includes styles and designs that are carefully adjusted for babies.

Aya Naya Girls Spring Collection

For boys, you’ll find the TAPPA NAKKI brand specially designed for boys 4 – 14 years old.

Plus, for tweens and teens, you’ll find Frankie & Liberty made for girls 8-14 years old.

Aya Naya Girls Winter 2010

AYA NAYA is our original collection – our heart where it all started. This collection is for girls from 2 – 12 years of age. The AYA NAYA collection always presents an impressive pot pourrí of colorful and intense prints that match perfectly and thereby reflect an ideal peace and balance. In the AYA NAYA universe, children get to be children – with strawberry juice on their lips and tousled hair. The collections are always made of natural materials which ensures room for movement, creativity and play.

AYA NAYA’s collection leaves plenty of room to play and have fun, and colors have been toned down a little and in order to appear both balanced and harmonic.

You’ll find a focus with pastels tints combined in both dark and light shades of brown, blue and deep plum.

You’ll also find design inspired by fields, mountains, and rivers with colors of nature from a distant, rough mountain scenery offer calmness and beauty in flourishing brown tints, petrol blue combined with lilac tones.

The third theme features the warm red tones of giant unspoiled rocks and mountains.