Aymara Spring Summer 2013

aymara girls clothes spring summer 2013

The Aymara kids story began when Belgian engineer Sven van Gucht and his Peruvian wife Yanina opened a workshop in Peru that today has over 60 employees. The key to Aymara’s success is the expertise of the Peruvian Aymara workshop, high-quality materials, together with Belgian creativity. Aymara works with natural materials, baby alpaca and merino wool for winter collections and Pima cotton for summer collections that is a durable, soft and breathable cotton.

Ayamara Kids Summer 2013 collection for boys and girls ages 3 months to 14 years offers a variety of vintage-inspired kids clothes in a rainbow of colors, from shades of berry, cherry red and pale pink on cobalt blue, turquoise, canary and sunflower, to brown, green, blue, beige, caramel and navy.

aymara spring summer 2013 boys blue sweater
aymara spring summer 2013 boys orange sweater
aymara spring summer 2013 boys collection
Aymara Spring Summer 2013 Girls Collection
Aymara Spring Summer-2013 Girls Dress
Aymara Spring Summer-2013 Girls Orange Dress

For Summer, Aymara has designed a colorful selection of dresses from sleeveless gathered at the waist to two-colored front A-line dresses with two pockets and buttoned from top to bottom. You’ll also find short skirts to twirl in that can be paired with sleeveless tops and sweaters with diamond patterns. To top out any Aymara outfit you can choose from fun accessories including, shawls, brooches, and hats.

The Summer collection for boys has a vintage look and is inspired by the sixties. Take for example the stylish polo shirts with a contrasting collar or with a two-tone front. You’ll also find matching cardigans in caramel and red or navy blue with accents of yellow sunflower.