Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf

Luxury Cashmere, Cotton & Silk Clothes & Accessories

Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf, founded in January 2002, is a luxury line of cashmere, cotton and silk clothes & accessories for baby, kids & women. Zapf inspired by the August 2001 birth of her daughter Lily recognized the need for simple yet elegant baby clothes and created a line that is comfortable and complements the baby with an edited color palette of classic shades.

Baby cz kids clothes by Carolina-Zapf

Focusing on style versus fashion, Baby CZ offers simple designs that are beautifully made, serving both mother and child with luxury and function.

At Baby CZ you’ll find everything a baby needs – knitwear in cotton & cashmere sportswear, dresses, and accessories like blankets & hats. You’ll also find clothes & accessories for boys & girls up to 12 years and select styles for women & men.

Baby cz by Carolina Zapf summer collection

With the intention that pieces will become treasured keepsakes, handed down for generations, Carolina Zapf focuses on heirloom-quality children’s wear in rich, cozy materials such as cashmere, linen & cotton.

Carolina’s philosophy for Baby CZ is that every piece is designed to enhance a child’s beauty and spirit and to make them feel good. Children should look their age and enjoy the clothes they are wearing. She quickly notes that they are the toughest critics. If they do not like something, they won’t wear it!

Meet Baby CZ Founder – Carolina Zapf

Carolina Zapf Designer of Baby CZCarolina was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in a proudly modern and bohemian home where design meant everything. Most likely because her father Otto Zapf is renowned furniture designer Otto Zapf and mother Rosalie collects haute couture from the ’60s and ’70s.

Interested in pursuing a career in fashion, Carolina came to the USA to study fashion & millinery at F.I.T. (The Fashion Institute of Technology). At the age of 21, she soon became interested in Manhattan’s fast-paced fashion marketplace where she made a career in designing women’s wear for 12 years. In 2002 Carolina decided to focus on two things: luscious two-ply cashmere as a material and chic new parents as customers.

Be sure to check out the Carolina Zapf Cashmere, available exclusively only online, designed for busy women seeking clothing which offers both comfort and style. You’ll find a perfect balance in the line, turning luxurious cashmere into beautiful styles.

Carolina Zapf’s collections have been featured on the runway including New York Fashion Week. You can find the Baby CZ collection at their two boutiques, Baby CZ Madison Avenue and Baby CZ Greenwich, and high-end department stores such as Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.