Baby Nay

Baby Nay designer girls clothes incorporates fashion forward designs with fresh, bright, sophisticated and fashionable prints, 90% of which are exclusive to the company. In 1996 Baby Nay was born as the colorful, European-inspired brand of children’s clothing with an emphasis on comfort.

baby nay white girls outfit fall winter 2014

Garments are made with high quality 100% cotton, corduroy or lawn. The company keeps close attention to quality and detail as well as it is priced competitively. Baby Nay is always a great gift any mother would love to receive as it is a brand name they know, love and trust. Kids love wearing the clothes as they are easy, fun and comfortable. Most garments are made in the USA.

Our fashion collections come from a vivid imagination and a passion for fashion.

Baby Nay Baby Clothes USA

About Baby Nay Designer Nay Khoubnazar

Nay Khoubnazar’s founded Baby Nay 1996 following moving from her a career as a well-known home décor expert specializing in tabletop linen. Soon became an established designer of baby and children’s fashion, bringing her experience and appreciation of global textiles, decadent silks, and elaborate embellishments to the simple silhouettes and patterns of children’s wear.

baby nay girls purple dress fall winter 2014

Following the success of Baby Nay came more designer kids brand – Big Citizen, Da Lil Guys, Everyday Nay and the newest brain-child of the Nay et al, Inc. family is a fabulous party dress line called La Piccola Danza.

baby nay girls dresses fall winter 2014

Nay incorporates some of her favorite children’s memories in her collection. Nay believes that she first learned to appreciate design and color at an early stage by crawling on fine Persian rugs as a child. This can be seen in the vibrant color and design palettes of the Nay collections.

baby nay girls fall winter 2014 collection

I have an update on Baby Nay, unfortunately according the their website it looks as if they are not producing new collections for baby, girls and boys.