The BabyLegs story began when Nicole Donnelly, stay-at-home mom to Sara, started making leg warmers to keep her dear daughter’s legs warm whilst allowing for nakedy butt time.

Well, it turns out that these leg warmers are great for crawling over all surfaces. Now that Sara is toddling around, she biffs it quite often but her knees stay soft and scarless thanks to her BabyLegs.

Nicole started selling home-made BabyLegs out of Sara’s diaper bag every where they went, the coffee shop, swim class, moms’ groups. Nicole sold over 100 pairs in the first 2 weeks! BabyLegs was officially born in April 2005.

Since then The BabyLegs brand has grown from one mom’s diaper bag accessory the signature leg warmer to a popular children’s brand with essential child and baby products.

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How adorable are these newborn babies wearing BabyLegs full of color and style for baby boys and girls. Not just for newborns, little crawlers, toddlers & kids will love them too!

It all started with a diaper rash that just wouldn’t quit, needing some fresh air to heal. On the other hand Nicole was also concerned about keeping her daughter warm.

In a moment of inspiration, she snipped the feet off of a pair of socks and fitted her daughter from hip to ankle with a cool set of leg warmers. These leg warmers not only kept her daughter warm, but also protected her from the elements, made diaper changing and potty training easier, and protected her soft knees while crawling.

Nicole added some fun designs and some grassroots marketing support, the functional and fashionable leg warmers that began as a solution to keep little legs warm quickly became much more.

BabyLegs leg warmers popularity has grown, quickly becoming a parenting essential for their utility, practicality, and stylish appeal. In 2009, BabyLegs® was acquired by the United Legwear Company, a global manufacturer of hosiery and underwear.