Balu girls clothes from South Africa, based in Cape Town, was born in the early 90’s as designer and creator, Barbara Louise (Balu) Nivison painted sarongs, which she sold on the beach, while also creating children’s wear for her friends.

Each garment has an individual personality as all designs are original and based on nature and variations of design, shading, and texture.

Balu is actively involved in the paint and design side of the Balu business that she started over 15 years ago.

As a team along with the support of incredibly talented and dedicated designers have taken the Balu brand to great heights internationally.

Balu continues to strive to maintain and even surpass by producing ever more innovative and exciting ideas.

Designer Barbara Louise (Balu) Nivison

Balu Nivison Fashion Designer

I believe that the vibrant and eclectic nature of my country of birth played a major role in nurturing my innate interest in people, art, and, an abiding passion, dance. I am inspired by the spirit of dance, and my desire is to touch people in motion, with an invitation to illuminate the beauty, the power, and creativity of the feminine way in all of its glory…- Balu Nivison

On completion of her studies at the University of Cape Town, Balu traveled to London where she attended the Laban School of Dance.

When she returned to South Africa after graduation, She co-founded a pioneering multicultural dance group called Abamanyani (Unity) that performed throughout South Africa.

Balu also taught dance training at the New Africa Theatre Project for a number of years.