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Bang Bang Copenhagen kids was founded in 2008 by Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager, graduates from The Danish Design school. Bangbang Copenhagen offers playful and creative designs with details that stimulate children’s imaginations.

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When we had kids of our own, we felt the urge to create something new for the scene of kidswear. We love to make clothes with an aesthetic look that will make you smile at the same time. In our collections, we make an effort to create details that stimulate the child’s imagination. Our collections are for cool kids and we do not believe in the tradition of girls wearing pink and boys wearing blue. We are inspired by the neatness of Japanese origami twisted with the coolness of streetwear, which makes our design unique and functional – Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager, Bangbang Copenhagen

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Interview with Louise & Mia

Mia Risager & Louise Lundholm explain how the joined forces together to create their BangBang Universe for kids that’s playful, creative and comfortable to wear. Learn More about their Spring Summer Collection for baby, boys, and girls.