Bench Kids

Sporty Kids Fashion in British Style

Bench British Kids Clothing began in 1989 in Manchester during a time of thriving youth subcultures from skateboarding to boxing. At the same time, the ‘Madchester’ music scene began to become popular around the world. The brand’s Manchester roots are proudly displayed in the montage of the Manchester skyline used as a design on both their messenger bags and price tags.

bench kids sport clothes

At the heart of the exciting and energetic late 80s, Bench was inspired by the people around it, designing innovative, relaxed clothing, for the urban world they lived in. Bench manufactures t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats, hooded tops, watches and jewelry and more. Today Bench can be found in over 30 countries and their own stores in the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, and France.

bench kids summer collection

Bench’s vibrant and colorful range comes to life with its bold graphics and functional sportswear twist. You’ll find bright, relaxed silhouettes with Bench’s signature detailing on shirts, lightweight jackets, and utility pieces.

Bench Kids Action Wear

We take inspiration from our audience and how they interact with urban culture, music, and media. This shapes their experience and defines the lives they lead.” says Nick Barber, Head of Men’s Design.

About The Bench Brand

Bench expanded into women’s wear in 1998. The range of jackets and tops had the same urban clothing style as the menswear including denim, trousers, sweats, hoodies, belts, bags, skirts and dresses.

Kerstin Groeber, Head of Women’s Design at Bench continues “With constant exposure to so many emerging subcultures, we recognize our customer’s desire to explore these movements in music, art, and social media. Bench womenswear expresses functionality, image, and lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this immersion into the urban environment.”