Bleu Comme Gris

Bleu Comme Gris began back in 2008 by designer Vanessa Marrapodi who started a range of school uniforms located at 60 rue Pergolesi Street in the 16th district of Paris. Four years later the brand has grown to be a leader in France providing school uniforms under the name BCG SCHOOL.

Interview with Bleu Comme Gris Designer Vanessa Marrapodi

In 2010 Vanessa opened the first Bleu Comme Gris boutique at Faubourg Saint-Germain on 99 Rue du Bac Street, offering a collection “casual chic” for every day, from birth to 16 years.

bleu comme gris paris kids clothing

Vanessa has worked the brand’s colors and styles to revisit the classics and make their clothes modern and timeless in touch.

Bleu Comme Gris Stores in Paris & Lyon

Bleu Comme Gris Paris Vanessa Marrapodi Shares Winter 2014

In 2011 Bleu Comme Gris French children’s clothing opened its third store at rue Gustave Courbet in Paris and on May 16, 2012, opened its first store in Province at 10, rue Carnot President Street in the heart Lyon.

Bleu Comme Gris Kids Clothes France

Since 2012 the brand is distributed in over fifty outlets in the world and can be found in Harvey Nichol’s in London.

BCG School Kids Uniforms