Blue Cross

Cool Kids Clothes from Japan

Blue Cross Kids Clothes from Japan, a leading brand in the Narumiya International family, features collections of street wear for wild young hipsters.

It targets kids who want “Something cool!” Blue Cross is casually adorned with various animal characters to highlight the vividness and vitality of kids.

Any tween or teen around the globe would love to get their hand on a blue cross outfit. Honestly, I haven’t seen these collection sold online outside of Japan but I love the photos and had to include them in the Japan designer listing on Dashin Fashion.

The boys brand is entirely focused on youth trends, such as street fashions and American casual wear. We are winning a new class of fans thanks to manly, stylish and more-than-adult outlines. The girls brand is for slightly cool, spicy “cool and cute” girls. The appeal here is our mixture of styles alongside youth trends reflecting various tastes.” – Narumiya International.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan (and understand Japanese) you should take a look at the Blue Cross website – where you can get a better understanding of their collection and can buy both the boys and girls collection online.

The company behind Blue Cross, Narumiya International was started way back in the good old days when Yuzo Narumiya used to make kimonos for a living. When his kimono wholesaling business was in a slump, Yuzo Narumiya decided to move to a whole new market – kids clothes.

When Yuzo launched his first range in the early 1990s people thought he was on the wrong track. But now Narumiya owns the leading company in Japan’s kids’ fashion market.  At Narumiya International you’ll find great looks for boys and girls from toddler to teens.

Although I don’t understand a world on the Narumiya International website which is in Japanese, I can’t resist clicking through the pages and looking at their kids’ fashion brands.