Gorgeous & Unique Kids Clothes from Japan

BooFooWoo is a popular Japanese kids clothing brand since 1984 has created fashion pieces with a dream of a fun children’s world. Inspired by three imaginary pigs, BOO, FOO and WOO, BooFooWoo doesn’t follow fashion magazines & trends or color palettes, it seeks inspiration from children and is often described as “the worlds best kids label”. BooFooWoo’s quality is truly Japanese, the fabrics are stunning, beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous.

You’ll find that BooFooWoo’s quality is truly Japanese featuring stunning fabrics that are beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous. Each year the company designs 2 collections per year with over 1000 styles each season from six different brands – Boo Homes, Back Alley, Hippy Happy Yuppy Boo, Natural Boo, Super Boo Homes and Boo Shoes.

Each Each brand focuses on a different story, “Every line has its own story,” Mr. Asao Iwahashi said, “When I create, I start with the story. Thus each brand is personified by a band of characters, whose imagined musings about their environment, their travels, and their future actions as a source of inspiration for our designer. “Stories are important,” Iwahashi says. “Kids need more messages. When kids wear our clothes, they feel something positive from us. When they grow up, that will stick with them. It’s a positive cycle.”

Meet BooFoo Woo Designer Asao Iwahashi

Asao Twahashi was born in Tokyo, on November 30, 1957. Ever since he was a child he dreamed of a career in fashion. In 1984, when he was 26 years old, he finally established the children’s wear store, “BOO FOO WOO”. Slowly his client base grew and Asao fulfilled his dream of passing his sense of his original style to children.

“It will be the lifestyle for him to keep creating a fashion of love and peace, facing the world and future, and to never stop making an advance.”