Burberry Kids Holiday 2013

Happy Holidays from Burberry Kids / SHOP

Where is the love? I’d say at Burberry.com! This Holiday Season Burberry is feeling the love and has gone all out with heart designs for everyone in the family. Burberry Kids With Love!

I was visiting the Burberry website (yes I’m obsessed) and see that there is a new “Burberry With Love” campaign for the holiday gift season – “Inspired by the runway, discover heart-print gifts and The Crush in an assortment of sizes.”

Burberry With Love Campaign

I absolutely LOVE the Burberry with love campaign video featuring the song “Hold Me” by Tom Odell. Yes, those are little gold heart-shaped snowflakes falling from the London Winter sky!

Burberry Hearts Holiday Photo Inspiration

I did a search on hearts and found a huge selection for baby, kids, women, and men. Another fun web design feature is the floating heart snowflake rollover on each item (similar to the campaign video).

One perfect family holiday look is the red wool heart sweater for Mom, Dad, girls, boys and even a baby heart gift set.

Burberry Daddy Boy Heart Holiday 2013
For daddy and me you’ll find matching heart sweaters, scarfs and hats along with heart printed neck ties.

Burberry Mommy & Me Heart Holiday 2013

For mommy and me there is a matching heart print silk dress in red that’s to die for. Another gorgeous mommy and me idea is the matching heart print calfskin trench coat from the Fall Winter Runway collection. There’s also a cute little crush in heart print purse and a heart-shaped leather bag.

Burberry Baby Heart Holiday 2013

For baby, you’ll find heart design cashmere baby gift sets in red and grey and matching cashmere blankets.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling the love with Burberry! On another note, you can always wear the heart outfits again for Valentine’s Day!

I think that Burberry has one of the best online marketing in the fashion industry….great videos, amazing photos, interactive media, and social networking.