Caffè d’Orzo

Caffè d’Orzo girls clothing from Italy, fit for a princess, was established in 2009 in Brescia, located in northern Italy at the foot of the Alps. Inspired by the beautiful nature in the Lombardy region,  Caffè d’Orzo designs clothing for little girls, enhancing the spirit and the refinement of the childhood.

Caffè d’Orzo offers dreamy little dresses and jumpers, complemented by t-shirts, leggings and cardigans, for girls ages 2 to 16 years old. The collection offers both special occasion dresses and items for daily wear. A highlight of the collection are gorgeous sweaters, coats and skirts made with wonderful, specially crafted knitting in a blend of colors that makes this brand truly unique.

Caffe d'orzo Girls Fashion Italy
Caffè d’Orzo’s designs are made with soft fabrics, that are very comfortable and made in innovative shapes.  The fabrics, all natural and organic, made by silk, cotton, wool and soya jersey, are manufactured with the finest Italian craft care.

Colors are all delicate and dusty, with original graphics and prints. The collections are always complemented by a selection of accessories as necklaces, small bags and scarves, to enhance style and create a fresh image.

100% Made in Italy, the brands high quality production is a result of authentic research for materials mixed with a plain and simple style.