Cheeky kids clothing is a leading South American brand located in Argentina for children ages 0 -12 years old. Cheeky kids carries lines including clothing, shoes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics.

Cheeky Kids for Boys

Cheeky Boys Clothes from Argentina

At Cheeky kids for boys, you’ll find lots of light blue shirts and brightly colored checked plaid pants. Plus there are the basic khakis and jeans that work for any outfit. For boys accessories, you’ll find fun hats and brightly colored madras scarfs making your little boy look very stylish.

Cheeky Kids for Girls

Cheeky Girls Clothes from Argentina
For girls, Cheeky kids is all about bright colors and pastels. You’ll find adorable flower patterned dresses and a more formal pink or blue pastel chiffon look with a flower decor. Similar to the boys’ collection you’ll find lots of fun straw hats and lightweight flower-patterned scarfs that top off any girls outfit.

In only 16 years Cheeky has expanded to be a major player in the Kids Fashion Market in South America.

Cheeky has over 150 stores in Argentina, America, and Europe. South and Central American countries with Cheeky Kids stores include Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

They also have a large production plant of 35,000 meters, making them a major company in the textile industry in Argentina.