Chèrie kids shoes is one of the best kids footwear from Italy. Founded in 1967 by two brothers Delio and Angelo Giustozzi and now run together with the second generation. This modern factory lies in the heart of Macerate province close to the Adriatic Sea.

Skilled Artisans produce high-quality handcrafted children s shoes using avant-garde materials. Years of research and study have resulted in good fitting shoes and a collection of exciting styles ranging from classic to casual! Cherie shoes offer children the maximum comfort in movements and to mothers all the safety of the best materials.

Located on beautiful rolling hills and a unique landscape, the Chèrie headquarters was created in the ’60s, by brothers Angelo and Delio Giustozzi. The popularity of Chèrie shoes has grown quickly and the brand has won many awards, including the prize “Golden Line” achieved in Paris the quality of hand-made footwear “Made in Italy”.

Cherie Kids Shoes Italy

Learn more about The Chèrie SPA factory and how these gorgeous children’s shoes are created in Italy. Chèrie shoes have always been the creative engine of the entire production, their high quality is guaranteed by the attention that is devoted to the study of modeling and the strong craftsmanship involved in many phases the production chain.

Manufacturing excellence of a company requires consistency at all levels, from offices to workshops, study the development of products intended for children and young people with an innate sense of taste.

Fidelity to tradition, respect, and passion for precision, this are the values that characterize the mission of Chèrie, which can be found in the best European and international boutiques in Moscow, Tokyo, Milan, thus bringing more than 30 years its collections in the world.