Claesen’s Kids

Claesen’s kids’ clothes is a Dutch-designed label that was launched in 1993 in Amsterdam by three friends who aimed to set up an underwear brand living up to the high standards of the consumer. A well-known name in fashion, Claesens vouches for quality, style, and price. The company is known for attention to detail and because of this Claesen has since expanded from underwear, fun wear, sleepwear, swimwear and accessories for Babies, Junior and Senior.

With its strong reputation in the Fashion World for superb quality, contemporary style, and reasonable price. Claesen’s commitment to quality, style, and price meant extensive research to identify the right partners. Eventually, through some personal connections, they found textile manufacturers in the Far East who met their strict criteria. This attention to detail is a hallmark of the company and has allowed Claesen’s to develop the original concept into a thriving business.

Fifteen years later, Claesen’s continuing to innovate for its ever-expanding customer base by offering underwear, swimwear, fun wear, pajamas and accessories for both junior, senior and babies.

Claesens kids clothes netherlands

Claesen’s is famous for their evergreens, which is a basic underwear collection in superb Cotton/Lycras and Microfibre in basic colors. Claesen’s four times a year launches a seasonal Collection, which is always colorful. Each season again you’ll find its own typical Claesen’s signature.

In the Netherlands over 400 stores stock the Claesen’s range including both specialty and general retailers, as well as outlets in the US, Canada, Scandinavia, Spain, Belgium and Australia.

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