Cofucu Baby

Kobayashi Meriayasu announces its first-ever launch of its Cofucu Baby brand in the European market. The Cofucu Baby brand from Japan is inspired by love for nature and feel for rejuvenating energy of children. Cofucu Baby is a luxury knitted organic cotton baby fashion label designed and made in Japan.

The brand emphasizes on the vividness of color and soft touch, bringing out the organic softness which reminisces the baby’s skin feel. With the love for design and uncompromisingly highest quality material, cofucu brand brings to the European market one of the most innovative designs, color, and superb quality.

Cofucu Baby: A Touch of Elegance for Your Little Love Ones

Cofucu Baby brings fusion of finest quality organic cotton thread and natural dye complemented with superb workmanship, making Cofucu Baby brand product luxurious collectible product and not just a fine quality baby clothing.

Cofucu Baby Clothing Japan

Cofucu baby collection is all about communicating the magic of nature in its exquisitely soft and live color with extraordinary attention to detailing which is brand’s trademark.

The “cofucu baby” collections are made of 100% fine organic yarn complemented with its vivid natural dye based on fruits and plants as well as various natural rock and mineral based color from around the globe.

Each item in this collection personified with its own charm and identity but share the same highest quality.