Darcy Brown

Darcy Brown kids clothes were created in 2002 by Clare and Mike Brown following their long careers at the Walt Disney Company, and the birth of their daughter Darcy. Great care is taken in choosing beautiful European fabrics that are designed in classic cuts so that the first thing a customer sees and feels is wonderful. The Darcy Brown kids collection has something special for everyone, be it a special occasion, a special person or for everyday wear.

Darch Brown Kids Summer Collection

We wanted to create good quality clothing that simply made children look like children. When the world is running at such a pace, the one thing you don’t want to pass by quickly is the innocence of your own children. We just didn’t seem to be able to find gorgeous clothing that wasn’t covered in logos or was worn by every other child.’ So after buying the Kent & Carey shop in Fulham, it was a natural next step to start designing and making a new collection of clothes around this ethos. – Clare and Mike Brown.

Darcy Brown clothing is made of European fabrics from party dresses to baby jumpers, pants and sweaters and more for children from newborn to 10 years. Don’t miss the special Darcy Brown nightwear with a collection of baby pajamas, woven dressing gowns and frilly nightdresses for girls plus cool comfy pajamas for boys.

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