De Nachos

De Nachos kids clothes from Japan, reminiscent of an old wild west movie and with a distinct Mexican flavor, creates a glorious line-up of casual attire. At De Nachos you’ll find soft washed, vintage look tees and jumpers emblazoned with cactus and horseshoe motifs to name a few, paired with stretch multicolored cargo pants and warm ponchos all make for a fun casual look.

de nachos boys tshirt japan

Founded in 2007 De Nachos style is inspired by traditional Mexican culture that you’ll find throughout the cuts, color and fabric selection.

de nachos boys fashion japan

Because children perceive their environment intensely with all five senses, the clothes of de Nachos sends the little would-be Mexican’s imagination into the world of the legendary gunslingers. Only the sombrero is missing…. Caramba!

de nachos boys winter clothes

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