eeni meeni miini moh

eeni meeni miini moh is committed to designing and developing an unparalleled range of contemporary products to welcome babies + children in their first years of life. The company’s mission statement is to design & globally market a timeless collection of baby and children’s products, that embody superior design principles and uncompromising standards with equal characteristics of aesthetics and practicality, through the use of premium quality natural materials.

eeni meeni miini moh children's clothing Australia

Behind eeni meeni miini moh is a team of creative-minded people committed to delivering a contemporary yet timeless product of the highest standard.

The passion to create that stems from within is the foundation of our vision – our source of energy. By combining timeless design principles that reflect current attitudes, we create a multitude of options in our distinctive color palette to capture attention and encourage individuality.

With a vision to continue to be recognized as a premium children’s lifestyle brand, eeni meeni miini moh’s unique collections of Apparel, Bedlinen, Toys and Accessories for children 0-12 years are based on the unique connection between textiles and the creative process.

Each season the eeni meeni miini moh collection combines natural fibers with a harmonious palette. You’ll find innovative, casual, comfy products that are a perfect fit for the lifestyle and attitude of children today. Filled with the heart + soul of a truly passionate team, each piece will make your little one smile when they wear it.

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