Elfie kids clothes was created in October 2011 by sister designer duo, Victoria and Rafaela, launched with its first kids’ knitwear collection of quirky Frog Jumpers and Mouse Cardigans. Grimm’s Fairytales and magical British stories such as Narnia and Nanny McPhee are the inspiration for the brand, making it a classic heritage children’s collection that is perfect to pass down from generation to generation.

Elfie London Kids Clothes UK

The style comes directly from the sister’s own childhood wardrobe. Their mother kept their beautiful clothes in tissue wrapped boxes in the hopes that one day her grandchildren would wear them. Today, Victoria’s children, Elfie and Ned wear these pieces combined with vintage-inspired Elfie clothes with a contemporary twist. The Elfie dream is that these new creations will also be handed down and last for generations.

Elife London Children's Clothes

Since we were little girls my sister and I have dreamed of creating our own fashion label. Our Spanish Mama used to dress us up in traditional outfits with frilly collars, smocked dresses and colorful cardigans made by our Abuela. Our brother Ed the Ted, even when very little was dressed in charming corduroy shorts, farmer shirts, and tweed coats. This style is the basis for the Elfie British kids clothing brand; an eccentric combination of traditional elegance and childish fun. – Rafaela Van der Heyden & Victoria Roper-Curzon, Founders, Elfie.

About The Elfie London Collection

Elfie London Kids Clothes brand DNA is a timeless style that can be passed down from generation to generation. It’s a perfect choice for baby, girls & boys who are looking for a unique brand with a vintage look & feel, yet with a contemporary twist bringing it up to date to meet the style needs of modern-day fashionistas. Watch the video to get a feel for what Elife has in store for our little ones this season.