Ella Moss Girl

Ella Moss Girl is a mini-me collection with the same brand DNA as the women’s Ella Moss collection. Designer Pamella Protzel is an LA girl at heart, and her hip, fun and quirky Ella Moss collection reflect that. From daily after-school trips to Beverly Hills as a middle schooler to Parisian flea market excursions as a teen, Protzel has always been inspired by art, fashion, people and traveling. A true style prodigy, at 27, Protzel has already established Ella Moss as one of the hottest, fastest-growing collections within the contemporary arena.

People often want to know who Ella Moss is. The simple answer is that the name comes from a combination of her nickname (Ella) and the nickname of her co-creator, Moise Emquies (Moss).

Los Angeles native Ella Moss, long before she became the designer and creative director was cultivating her own unique sense of style. Quickly her closet to become a makeshift atelier where friends would come to peruse her array of vintage, handmade and contemporary clothes.

Right out of high school, Pamella studied graphic design but soon realized her true calling is fashion. She then traded printmaking for pattern making and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown LA. Pamella quickly launched her brand Ella Moss in 2001 which is a worldwide success, dressing Ella Moss women and girls worldwide.

She’s a modern bohemian. She travels the world and falls in love easily. She listens to feel-good music and drives with the windows down. She shops at flea markets and thinks a beach vacation is the best kind of vacation. She smiles easily and laughs a lot-often at herself.

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