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Elodie Details Hip Children’s Design

Elodie Details is a hip children’s accessories design company that wants to elevate all those little items of everyday baby life into the stylish accessories they all have the potential to be. Sometimes the mundane items in life are often overlooked when it comes to design – a pacifier, bibs, bottles cups, even diaper bags. The chief designer behind Elodie Details is Linda Satterstrom who comes with years of experience in the kids clothing industry at the well-known Swedish kids’ design company Hennes & Mauritz.

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Elodie Details was formed in Sweden in 2005 and was inspired by baby Elodie, who had so much personality the accessories available already just didn’t do her justice. The idea for the brand was formed around the concept that a pacifier clip could be much more than just a way to keep one from falling on the floor – it could turn into an accessory, something that would catch the eye. The idea caught on throughout Europe and now they design fun and creative accessories from clips to strollers for little ones sold across the globe.

Who says you have to stop caring about design when you become a parent? As the need for functionality increases, the need for good design doesn’t go away. At Elodie Details we believe in the importance of the little things, and their inherent capacity to make our everyday life more beautiful and fun. We believe personal style is not a question of age, and that form and functionality can go hand in hand,” explains Linda Satterstrom, Chief Designer.

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As a brand, Elodie Details is certainly not about conventional cool or anything run-of-the-mill, instead aiming their designs firmly at strong characters who are true individuals.